How it Works

Simple 3 step process:

1) Register & Approve
2) Payment
3) Plan

1) Register

What do you need to do:
a) Provide Basic information such as name and contact information
b) Provide Address and Insurance information

Why is it needed:
a) It allows you to get specific information from us
b) It allows us to work with your insurance company if needed to assist you with the process

What you need to do:
a) With our help get Local (US) Doctor Approval
b) With our help get Insurance Company Approval (if you have Insurance)
c) We will help you get India Doctor Approval

2) Payment:

What you need to do:
a) After successful completion of the previous step, we will generate an invoice which you can pay online using a credit card. If you need other forms of payment you can contact us for options.

3) Plan

What you need to do:
a) Understand and sign-off on our Terms of Use
b) With our help get travel documents such Passport and India Health Visa for self and any optional Travelling Companion
c) With our help get appointments with the Doctor and Hospital in India for the procedure and/or surgery
d) With our help finalize all the Travel Logistics
e) With our help ensure that all the Medical Records are shared with the Doctor(s) as needed
f) With our help ensure that you have all the contact information for effective communications before, during, and after your travel including for any optional insurances or tourism you may have arranged