1) What is TravelForSurgery ?

TravelForSurgery is a Healthcare Company founded with a goal of connecting patients with providers in India that can provide quality healthcare with significant savings to both the uninsured as well as insured patients in the US.

2) Why did we build TravelForSurgery ?

Over the last 15 plus years we have seen healthcare costs rise at an average annual rate of 3.49% compared to the average annual inflation rate of 2.11%. The average out-of-pocket spending has increased significantly to an individual average of US $4358/- and family average of US $7983/- not counting any copays and co-insurance in 2016. In 2017 Our aim is to make some of those high cost surgeries and procedures more affordable without compromising on the quality.

3) Why are surgeries cheaper in India?

India has excellent education system which produces highly competent doctors and surgeons and given the significant wage differences in India and US the highly skilled doctors can perform high quality surgeries at nationally certified hospitals at a significantly lesser cost.

4) What is my average savings?

On an average every surgery or procedure will be at 40% less expensive in India compared to the US. 

5) How much do I pay TravelForSurgery ?

Your payment will be dependent on the specific procedure or surgery that you need but the main thing to remember is that there will significant savings (at least 40%) from what you would pay for the service in the US.

6) How does TravelForSurgery make money?

TravelForSurgery makes money from the savings that the lower costs bring even after passing on significant savings to the patient as well as to the insurance company if the patient is insured. We also plan on keeping our operational costs down by relying on more word-of -mouth referrals.

7) What services does TravelForSurgery provide ?

TravelForSurgery provides all the necessary information to guide the patients through the entire process from start to finish. A Conceirge would work with the patient to help with all the planning starting from Passport/Visa, travel arrangements, meal preferences, transportation, scheduling and co-ordination of surgery with the doctor and hospitals, including any and all pre and post surgery consultation, tests, rehab, transfer of medical records securely, and completing surgery. TrvaelForSurgery also helps with optional needs such as travel insurance, complication insurance, communication needs, any desired tourism before and/or after the surgery.

8) What if something goes wrong?

TravelForSurgery is there with you in each and every step to help make sure everything gets done properly and in a timely manner. In case of any contingencies, TravelForSurgery will work with the providers to help address any issues or concerns with the services provided by the specific providers and the optional insurance for travel and a separate Medical Complication insurance could also help cover for some of those unforeseen contingencies.

9) How are the doctors and hospitals selected in India?

The doctors are selected through a rigorous peer professional community recommendation based on the surgeons medical profile starting with education, training, certification, number of surgeries performed, their outcomes, and patient feedback.

Hospitals are selected based on the certification (such as JCI and/or NABH) comprehensiveness of services offered (i.e. multi-specialty with all facilities under one roof), Quality, Ethics, and their experience in handling international patients.

10) What if I don’t see the surgery or procedure I need performed on the list?

We have a list of surgeries we believe are most beneficial to the patient community and our goal is to continue adding more as we see new needs. 

11) How are my medical records handled?

TravelForSurgery does not maintain any medical records of any patients. We will help the patient pass on the necessary medical records to the doctors and hospitals as needed and vice versa. 

12) I have insurance – why do I travel to India to get surgery performed?

You may have insurance but if you have one of those HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) the annual deductibles could be quite high. If you opt for our services working with your insurance company you could have the same procedure or surgery done in India without any deductible and any other expense.

13) I don’t have insurance – how do your services benefit me?

The price of a procedure or surgery for a patient without insurance is a non-discounted price which is significantly higher (30% or more on an average) than the price an insured patient would pay. Hence the savings are even significantly higher for the uninsured patient.